About Us

We are a small linkshell on the Leviathan server based in Eastern time. We run scheduled events on weeknights starting at 8-9 pm. We currently do Limbus, Dynamis, and Abyssea on a regular basis. We also do Sea, Sky, ZNM, and VNM randomly as members need drops. During unscheduled time, we try to fit in random things members need such as miscellaneous NMs, Assaults, Nyzul, etc.

Our goal is to have a small group of reliable people capable of doing most events (basically, everything except Einherjar). By staying small, it ensures greater rewards for each member. Since events are done lowman, we do things a little differently than what most people are used to, such as use DD tanks instead of PLDs. We also do a lot of kited manaburn fights.

We're looking for members who play every day and can be counted on to be there for the majority of our scheduled events. We want them to enjoy doing a variety different things and helping other people get items as much as they like getting things for themselves. That being said, we require knowledgeable players who will not create conflicts or drama.

Lotting / Loot Distribution

We have one unwritten rule about lotting: don't lot like a dick. If you're a career MNK, you will be the first person to get items best suited for MNK (unless we have 2 career MNKs, then you get to fight between yourself). People will generally pass on items for someone else's favorite job, even if they also have that job leveled. We will work on getting enough items for everyone, it just might take a while.


We're currently recruiting. We need people who are capable of particpating in both DD heavy and Manaburn style fights. You don't need to have great gear already, but you do need to understand what gear is important and why, and what you should be working towards. In the many types of situations we encounter within our events, many jobs that are not commonly accepted may prove useful so don't hesitate to list less popular jobs on your application. If you think you would fit in with us, submit an application.