Strategies: Abyssea

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Expansion Bastok Windurst San d'Oria
Visions Konschtat (Azure): To Paste a Peiste Tahrongi (Viridian): Megadrile Menace La Theine (Scarlet): A Goldstruck Gigas
Scars Misareaux (Sapphire): A Delectable Demon Attohwa (Jade): A Fluttery Fiend Vunkerl (Crimson): The Beast of Bastore
Heroes Grauberg (Indigo) Altepa (Emerald) Uleguerand (Vermillion)


Download Abyssea Map DATs. The images below are for Mappy/ApRadar.

Map of Konschtat Map of Tahrongi Map of La Theine Map of Attohwa Map of Misareaux Map of Vunkerl Map of Altepa Map of Uleguerand Map of Grauberg