Be online 15 minutes before the event is scheduled so we can tell you your job and any additional information you need. Once you are told your job, get geared up and ready to leave by the scheduled time. Let us know in advance if you won't be able make it on time or at all. Please keep in mind that there are other people waiting to do the event, so be considerate of their time.


Day Event
Mon [A] Random
Tue 72h Event
Wed [A] Key Item Farm
Thu [A] Use Key Items
Tue 72h Event
Sat Unscheduled
Sun Unscheduled

72h Event

This will be any event that can only be entered once every 72 hours, such as Limbus, Dynamis Dreamlands, Einherjar, etc. Currently, we are doing Dreamlands Dynamis followed by Einherjar.


We run Limbus with around 4 people per zone, aiming to balance chip farming with acquiring AF+1 upgrades for members. We alternate between Omega and Ultima. Coins are split among the people who went on that run with extras going to the bank. Priority for AF+1 items goes towards people who already have the other half of that set. Homam and Nashira gear is handled by points.


We run Dynamis aiming to maximize the amount of currency and drops per person. We run with as few as 9 or 10 people, so slacking off is not an option. Everyone has to be there for the entire run and pay attention the entire time.


Our current focus is to complete Empyrean Weapons currently in progress as well as Empyrean +2 armor. We try to ensure everyone gets an equal amount of completed +2 armor. Members with fewer completed pieces will be the next in line for their designated upgrade components.

Trigger NMs


Sky NMs popped using Linkshell owned pop items follow the normal points system for drops. If popped using a member's personal pop items, that member gets first pick of one item and the rest falls under the normal points system.


The trigger owner has the rights to the trophy and is allowed first pick on one item, all other items fall under the normal points system.


Sea and VNM fall under normal point rules.

Sea NMs only have one drop, so it isn't fair to do your trigger, your drop. Points are awarded for donating triggers, based on the value of the Jailer.

For VNMs, it doesn't matter who's Abyssite it is, you get points for coming out and upgrading Abyssites. Drops are awarded based on participation, not how lucky you got upgrading.

Unscheduled time

During unscheduled time, members are free to do whatever they please. If there's enough members online, we can organize smaller random events.